A Message About Consent from our Friends at Wellspring

Are you the parent of a student who is entering college this Fall? Do  you work with college-bound youth?

If you’ve got 60 minutes to spare, Wellspring can help you understand the importance of and find the words to talk to college-bound  youth about relationships and consent.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We at Wellspring want to send our warm regards to all the parents and guardians of graduating seniors. This is an exciting time for your family. As you begin the post-graduation transition, we wanted to reach out let you know we are here to support you in any way we can. We know this is a busy time and there is so much you want to talk to your students about. We hope that also includes the topic of consent.

Consent is very simple and is something we use every day. Consent is a dialogue and conversation with another person asking that individual if it is okay to do something. This could be taking money, borrowing a car, or offering them something to eat.

Consent is necessary for all these things, just like with sexual activity.

We know that the process of ending sexual assault, specifically on college campuses, starts at home. When students reach college, they are set in their social norms and behaviors. This means that we need to teach them about consent BEFORE they step foot on campus their first year. They will bring with them positive behaviors and values regarding consent and help change campus cultures to be safer for all. As parents and family members, you have great power in shaping the conversation and instilling values your student can take with them for the rest of their life.

Consent is not an easy topic to discuss with anyone, especially our children, due to the connection to sexual activity and sexual assault. We at Wellspring are dedicated to help you bridge this discussion with your students. We have many resources available to you, either attached to this letter or through our website, including videos and handouts. We will be hosting an hour long workshop July 16th from 6pm-7pm at the Wellspring conference room, 480 Broadway, LL24. This workshop will cover what consent is, you will be able to hear from our advocates on best practices to talk to your students about consent, and we will give you a chance to explore new ways to talk about consent with your students and hear from other parents. This is a great opportunity to learn and have more support in tackling this discussion.


If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out at: ce1@wellspringcares.org or calling our office: 518-583-0280.


Kacey Griffin
Community Engagement Specialist