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Allergy Agony

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Allergy Agony

Springtime is officially upon us! After a wet, snowy, gray winter, who isn’t ready for the warmer weather? Fresh breezes? Open windows? How about no more shoveling for a while? With all the beauty of budding flowers and greening grass comes a nightmare of hyperactive immune systems for many of us. While we allergen warriors are well experienced, a refresher on how to live our best life while in a constant battle with the environment comes in handy. Here are a few suggestions from verywellhealth.com:

  • Know your pollen counts. Check your local weather forecast or the National Allergy Bureau website to get daily pollen counts as well as the breakdown of pollen or mold types.
  • Stay indoors during high counts. If you must go outdoors, do it later in the day when counts are typically lower.
  • Use a HEPA filter. These are designed to remove airborne particles. Keep windows shut and use an air conditioner if needed.
  • Close your windows when driving. Shut the vents and either recirculate the air or use your air conditioner.
  • Vacuum and dust frequently. “Pet-friendly” vacuum cleaners often do the best job of sucking up pollen and other allergens such dander.
  • Shower before bedtime. The body and hair can collect surprising amounts of pollen whenever outdoors. Also, be sure to wash any clothes you’ve been wearing as soon as possible.
  • Avoid drying clothes outdoors. Pollen can easily settle in the fibers and trigger symptoms when the put the clothes on later.

Head over their website for more great info! And remember, if you’re struggling to manage getting access to medical treatment, health insurance, or medicine to help treat your allergies and asthma, you can always stop by and talk to Rosemary or Zac – We’ll be sure to get you connected to the services you need.

Happy Spring!