What do they eat over the summer?


Through our Backpack program we serve up to 120 children weekly during the school year with weekend food.  Recipients are identified through the school administration and usually these children are also recipients of the free and/reduced lunch program.  During the school year these children have this program to assist them with food where they otherwise may not have any.

The question is what do they do over the summer? 

The Center also maintains an emergency food pantry to which during our summer months we see increases in the numbers using our Food Pantry.  Those dollars that families have for their food bill now have to stretch for their school age children who are now home for the summer, 3 meals a day – 7 days a week.  This is a challenge for our under resourced families already stretching their budget dollars.


We are starting this initiative for a 10 week period this summer to help provide a nutritional bagged lunch for children in need. Working collaboratively with the SGF School District to spread the word, grow awareness and let the children know they are welcome for their free lunch.  Starting June 26th, volunteers will be preparing and serving a ‘grab-n-go bagged lunch.  All children under the age of 18 are welcome to pick up their free lunch from the Center between the hours of 11am – 1pm.  They are welcome to take their lunch or stay to enjoy the company of others, play games or take part in other free programs we will have to offer.  Special tickets will be given for each child who attends to put in for a drawing on Friday for a special surprise.

Support for this program will enable us to provide the lunch for our onsite location this summer with hopes to expand in future summers to deliver lunches to parks and neighborhoods where the children play and live.


Volunteers will be schedule to work from 10am – 2pm, one day a week, Monday – Friday.  Volunteer groups and individuals will prepare and pack the lunches for that day, serve, clean up and prepare for the next days menu.


$4 will sponsor one lunch for one child for one day; $20 will sponsor one child for one week;  $200 will sponsor one child for 10 weeks.  Based on figures shared from other organizations that hold similar programs, we anticipate the 2017 Summer Lunch Bunch Program to cost approximately $8000.  Any and all amounts are appreciated.


To volunteer, support or have further questions, please contact Kelly Obermayer, 792-6007 ext 16 or kelly@moreaucommunitycenter.org

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