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What We Look Like Without Out Cell Phones

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What We Look Like Without Out Cell Phones

Photographer Eric Pickersgill recently released a series of photos in which the handheld devices we are so used to having attached to us are “edited out,” or rather, removed from the subjects’ hands before the photo was taken, to highlight just how lonely and disconnected our world can look without our beloved cell phones and tablets. Click here! to see the series as compiled by QZ writer, Steve Mollman.


We get it, they’re really handy devices, and we’d be lying if we said we never used them to share info with all of you. Spend fifteen minutes on Google looking for information about cell phone usage tips, and the effects usage has on our society, including the increasing awareness of addiction to the use of these devices, and you’ll find more information than you thought you would. As with any technological advances, we need to learn how to use these tools for what they are and not let them become extensions of our hands – especially since all that looking down is killing our posture, neck strength, and you don’t want to know what it’s doing to that area under our chin!

Our advice – disconnect often in order to reconnect with those around you. Time is precious, when you’re spending it with loved ones, colleagues, even strangers, invest in that time. We’ll never get more from a phone than we will from human interaction. Appreciate your neighbor, engage your children or spouses in conversation or physical activity, and if you can, go visit your grandmother instead of just giving her a call.

Here are a few links to info we found. Check them out and see where else your investigation leads. Then, when you’re done, talk about it face-to-face with someone.



zpl 09/18/2019