Jean Tedesco

Jean is retired from the South Glens Falls Central School District. During her 32 years with the district she help positions as a teacher, coach, Principal and Assistant Superintendent.

Jean is a longtime member of the Town of Moreau. She is a graduate of South Glens Falls and became a teacher, coach and District Administrator serving in such positions as Coordinator of Athletics, Health and Wellness, Assistant High School Principal, High School Principal and Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Throughout her career she promoted a positive professional climate through collaborative management and cooperative decision making practices while supporting a positive learning environment.

Since her retirement in 2012, she has participated in a variety of community endeavors. She currently serves on:

  • The Moreau Community Center Board since 2012
  • Chair of YMCA Togetherhood and Advisory Team. A  National program established to complete service projects that strengthen the community.
  • South Glens Falls “Bulldog Pride” Hall of Fame Advisory Board (2015 recipient)
  • Club Volleyball Scholarship Review Team
  • Friends of South Glens Falls Cemetery Photo Diary
  • South Glens Falls Marathon Dance
  • Community Coalition For Family Wellness