Meet Our Staff

Donna C. Nichols
Executive Director

518-792-6007 x10



Jeanne Gutheil
Director of Senior Programming

518-792-6007 x13

Jennifer Rich
Director of Youth Programming

518-792-6007 x17


Gloria Osier
Finance Manager

518-792-6007 x14

Sarah Spitzer
Accounting Specialist

518-792-6007 x23

Rosemary White
Client Services Resource Manager

518-792-6007 x12

Jennifer Smith
Preschool Teacher

518-792-6007 x15

Lisa Lindstrand
Assistant Preschool Teacher

518-792-6007 x15

Ken Ashe
Facilities Manager


Yvette Robbins
Facilities Technician
Dial-A-Bus Driver



Zac Perry-LaPoint
Community Engagement Coordinator

518-792-6007 x19