“I feel loved in South Glens Falls!”

My name is Katrina and I am a mother of three amazing children. We have had our ups and downs as a family, and get a ton of support through the town’s hearts. I have raised my children, and lived alone as a single mother, for many years, working jobs that never really paid all that well. We have had to move around a few times, but it wasn’t until moving to to South Glens Falls and reaching out to Moreau Community Center for help that I truly felt ‘a part of…’

      I felt the love and caring hands of a community

I have reached out to the community center and they have always filled in the gaps for my children and I. From the back-pack program, to summer lunches and camp help. From pantry assistance to holiday caring. Someone has always been there, even just to listen. Your hearts are beautiful and a lot of your work goes unseen; however, my family not only sees the love, but we feel it in our hearts. Thank you for making a difference.

– Katrina