The Moreau Community Center is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization located in South Glens Falls, New York.  It has been in operation since 1977.  As one of the major human service agencies in northern Saratoga County, the Center is a hub for youth, seniors and general community activities and services for residents from Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties.

The organization is governed by a Board of Directors, and operated by a Board-appointed Executive Director and support staff.  Funding comes from the Town of Moreau, fee-for-service programs, rental fees, grants and various fundraising activities.


Meeting the multi-generational needs of the community in a compassionate and inclusive environment.


  • Quality programs, services, support, partnership and volunteer opportunities.
  • Leadership in establishing collaborative partnerships with community resources, organizations municipalities and individuals to identify solutions to community problems and meet their needs.
  • Respect, inclusion, participation and dignity for all individuals as they pass through various life-stages from pre-school to senior citizen.


Donna C. Nichols,
Executive Director


Kelly Obermayer,
Director of Development


Jeanne Gutheil,
Senior Program Director


Sarah Spitzer,
Accounting Specialist


Gloria Osier,
Finance Manager


Jennifer Rich,
Youth Program Director


Rosemary White,
Resource Manager


Barbara Powhida,
Dial-A-Bus Operator

Jennifer Smith,
PreSchool Teacher


Lisa Lindstrand,
PreSchool Assistant

Ken Ashe,
Facilities Technician

Yvette Robbins,

Zac Perry-LaPoint,
Community Engagement Coordinator


Why we do what we do … 

“Working with non-profits for almost two decades now has become my passion. I find the work fulfilling, sometimes exhausting, but mostly an opportunity to give of myself to those who need it most.  Since working here at the Moreau Community Center I can say I have found my home. I know the work we do makes a difference and the clients we serve certainly make a difference in my life.”
-Kelly Obermayer, Director of Development

“In the 1970’s Harvey Milk famously told LGBTQ Americans and their allies that it was up to them to give queer youth hope. That’s a message that resonates with me, and one that I think is universal. Working at the Center gives me the chance to give hope to our clients and members that they’ll never be alone, they’ll always have better days to look forward to, and that any storm can be weathered.”Zac Perry-LaPoint, Community Engagement Coordinator

“I enjoy working with preschool aged children and have connected with many families in the community over the years. Some days are challenging but the rewards of seeing the progress that the children make throughout the school year are priceless. I have many wonderful memories of the children and their families. Teaching at the Moreau Community Preschool over the years has been a very rewarding experience for me and I feel very fortunate for this teaching position.” –Jennifer Smith, Preschool teacher

“I enjoy working at the Moreau Community Center because of the great staff and the very welcoming environment. I love working with the children and find it very rewarding watching them learn and grow throughout the year.” -Lisa Lindstrand, Assistant preschool teacher

“There are so many services that people don’t know about, so it’s nice to help them become more aware of what they might be eligible for. So many of our clients come to us upset and not sure what steps to take next. Just to be able to guide them and watch them go in the right direction is very rewarding.

The Center is much more than what people realize and see – there is so much that goes on in staff offices. It’s great to see Seniors having lunch, playing BINGO and painting, but it’s also great to see someone leaving an office having gotten food, information, and other assets to help them and their families. For me, this is the part that keeps me here.” -Rosemary White, Resource Manager, Client Services

“For me it came down to this: I needed to work someplace that saw the bigger picture when it came to helping meet the needs of our community’s youth. The Center has always been, and continues to be that place.” -Jennifer Rich, Youth Programs Director

“I work at the Center because I enjoy being around people! If I can help bring joy to our community’s seniors, or help them with confusing financial or medical needs, it makes me feel fulfilled.”
-Jeanne Gutheil, Senior Programs Director

“I work at the Center because it serves a higher purpose, and allows me to use my skills and feed my passions, while supporting an organization that does an immense amount of good in the surrounding community. As someone who was still relatively new to the area when I started at the Center, I am still amazed that my presence here has allowed me to build lasting friendships and a family in the area.”
-Sarah Spitzer, Accounting Specialist


If the Saratoga County Meal site and the South Glens Falls School District are closed then the Moreau Community Center will also be closed. If you have any questions, please call us before venturing out. Thank you!

On days when school is closed because of bad weather conditions the Kids Korner Program will also be closed. If the school district is on a delay, the morning Kids Korner and morning Nursery School are closed, but the Center is OPEN. When the school district cancels after-school activities, the PM Kids Korner program is OPEN. If inclement weather occurs during the day while the Center is open, the Center may decide to cancel programs or to close early.  ALL CLOSING AND CANCELLATIONS WILL BE POSTED ON THE SCHOOL-CLOSING NETWORK, which posts on all the major television stations scrolling closings.