May Baskets & May Umbrellas: A time-honored tradition at the Moreau Community Center and communities around the country (Picture from 1984)

A time-honored, cherished tradition at the Moreau Community Center, the making of #MayBaskets and #MayUmbrellas by volunteers benefits the Center and helps spread smiles to unsuspecting friends, family, and neighbors. In 2017, The Post Star did a nice article about the crafty volunteers who so lovingly carry on the tradition.

 Read it HERE!Post Star 2017 May Baskets

If you’d like to learn more about the May Basket tradition, the Crandall Library Folklife Center has a nice article. National Public Radio has a nice article as well entitled “A Forgotten Tradition“. Well, it’s NOT forgotten here at the Moreau Community Center!

Baskets and umbrellas sell out fast, so get yours asap. Prices: small basket-$2.50, large basket- $4, umbrella-$7

Here are some recent pictures of our volunteers and their lovely creations. Volunteers are always welcome Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30.